Washington Square WL Butler Construction 2018
St. Rose Preschool GMH Builders, Inc. 2018
St. Rose K-12 GMH Builders, Inc. 2018
Vintage Building Peacock Construction 2018
Greer Elementary Otto Construction, Inc, 2018
Alemany Housing Fine Line Construction 2018
Opus One Winery Wright Contracting, Inc. 2017
Alameda High School Lathrop Construction 2017
Aurora Vineyards Wright Contracting, Inc. 2017
ORX Clinic GMH Builders, Inc 2017
Sutter Medical The Boldt Company 2017
Brookside Elementary GCCI, Inc. 2017
Gloria Ferrer Winery GMH Builders 2017
Natomas Park ES The Boldt Company 2017
Mark Day Elementary Wright Contracting, Inc 2017
Binkley Elementary Arntz Builders, Inc. 2016
Madrone Elementary Arntz Builders, Inc. 2016
Rombauer Winery Wright Contracting, Inc. 2016
Roseland School Lathrop Construction 2016
Liberty School Lathrop Construction 2016
Garner Elementary Valhalla Builders 2016
Cardinal Newman Wright Contracting, Inc 2015
The Cove School GCCI, Inc. 2015
Neil Cummins School GCCI, Inc. 2015
Mission Palm James R. Griffin 2015
Emerald Glen C. Overaa & Co. 2015
Anthony Traina Gym RGM & Associates 2015
French Laundry Wright Contracting, Inc 2015
Gloria Ferrer Winery Wright Contracting, Inc. 2015
Gordon Building Team Commercial Const. Inc. 2015
Queen of the Valley Wright Contracting, Inc. 2014
Fairfield Plaza Devcon Construction, Inc. 2014
Stocklmeir Elem Sch Valhalla Builders, Inc. 2014
Russell Mid Sch Valhalla Builders, Inc. 2014
Graham Mid Sch Alten Construction 2014
25 Bellam Blvd Devcon Construction, Inc. 2014
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